About me

I was born in Lahore. After graduating from Harvard University, I worked as features editor at The Friday Times in Pakistan, where I also launched and edited its book review. In 2005 to 2006, I completed a fellowship at SauvĂ© House in Montreal, where I was an editor of the McGill International Review. After I returned to Pakistan I worked as an editor and writer in development for UNICEF and others. What with one thing and another I moved to London in 2009, where I also started working as a freelance academic editor. In around 2015 I started roaming the world – first a couple of years in Malaysia, and then gradually progressing slowly around the globe, antiquated laptop in hand until this was interrupted by the coronavirus. I am technically based in the UK.

I am also a coordinating editor at Otherwise Magazine, which publishes stories, largely based on ethnography, which seek to reimagine possibilities of an otherwise. Take a look and, if you would like to submit a piece I’d be happy to help you think through it. Drop me a line.