Academic editing

I am an experienced academic editor and have worked extensively in social sciences disciplines, particularly in anthropology, sociology, migration studies and education. I specialise in academic editing for non-native English writers and try to interrogate both their language and how their ideas come out in the text. This is often a very collaborative style of editing, in which I ask questions and engage with the ideas, working with the researcher over multiple drafts to refine the language.

To date, I have edited three monographs published by major academic presses (Cornell, Temple and UC Press), at least a score of PhD dissertations, over a dozen academic articles or chapters published in peer-reviewed journals and collections, and any number of research applications, blog posts, scripts and various kinds of public engagement materials.

For the latter – I have in the past worked on research impact assessment at a Russell Group university, so I have a reasonable sense of what makes for an engaging (and impactful) translation of research, whilst remaining respectful of a researcher’s own interest in and aptitude for public engagement.