I am not just a copyeditor or subeditor. While I do point out errors in style, word choice and grammar, this is simply because they nag at me if I don’t. I am, however, most directly concerned with how you shape your story.

I graduated from Harvard University with a degree in folklore and mythology. I chose this field because it allowed me to read and understand stories; to delve into their structure, purpose and performance, and consider why some stories survive through the ages, across cultures, and in different media. The story behind the story of Gilgamesh has been, in its time, told orally, on stone tablets, in performance, and in writing. It’s been told as video games and operas. Understanding what makes a story successful is at the heart of constructing a good story.

I read stories first as a reader, then as a writer. This double vision helps me understand both what you, as the writer, intend to achieve, and what readers actually get out of it. I see my job as helping to synchronise these two fields of vision. This means I can often be ruthless.

I like to know my writers. This means, after I read your work, I’d like to chat with you in person or over email, and understand you better. I feel strongly that editors and writers must have a relationship where they understand and trust each other.

If I have the time, I am willing to give any manuscript a first look, and give my detailed, honest opinion. After this you and I decide mutually if we’d like to continue working together on subsequent drafts. If you prefer, I will try to recommend other editors who might suit you better.